Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 22, (ok ok I know today is the 30th!)

True, some of you out there dont realize how our planet is going, some of you dont care, and some of you are inquisitive; but for those of us who know where we stand, April 22 was a big day. Taking care of where we live isnt just a thing for big government, the bulling industries that take over our lives, or the overzealous wacko enviro-freaks, it's for every person who calls this wonderful emerald sphere home. So maybe you didnt do anything for earth day this year, maybe you never have, well tomorrow is a fresh day- a new start- a chance to make a difference. And plan on making a big impact next April as well!
    BTW, stay tuned for a cool recipe  coming to this blog tomorrow or Thursday!


  1. Love Earth Day. Though I wish people were as aware of their environment year-round!

  2. Things like Earth Day and Earth Hour are really good to just raise awareness of how much we do need to take care of our planet. I wish more people would knuckle down and participate. It isn't hard!


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